The Main Thesis of the Bible

The Bible reveals a mind boggling history between a people and their God. Stories abound that chronicle both the negative and positive interactions among a people, their God, and their neighbors. Some stories rise to epic heights and Hollywood creates movies to capture there grandeur, i.e. “The Ten Commandments.” Other stories depict the people at their worst and are often told infrequently or in low budget fashion. These stories are found in what is called The Old Testament or Hebrew Bible.

Generations later the New Testament also reveals this people’s history with this God. Yet this new history devotes itself to the influence and ideals of one person. This New Testament links the history of this people by purporting what is called a “progressive revelation.” In other words, from Genesis to Revelation all roads lead to Jesus of Nazareth.

John concludes “This was written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

Everyone who was someone wrote about Jesus. Luke opens his story by saying, “Many have attempted to write about what had taken place among us. They received their information from those who had been eyewitnesses and servants of God’s word from the beginning, and they passed it on to us. I, too, have followed everything closely from the beginning. So I thought it would be a good idea to write an orderly account for Your Excellency, Theophilus. In this way you will know that what you’ve been told is true.”

Luke’s story is not the only story; however, it is a good story. I recommend it to you. Luke clearly announces that Jesus is the main thesis of the Bible: his lineage,  his life, his purpose, and his triumph. That is why one can not read the Bible and leave unaffected: when you put down the Bible a decision is required.  And as Moses said,  “I set before you life and death,  choose life that you and your children may live.”

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