Jeez, get a room why don’t you



I don’t like watching couples show affection in public. Once while visiting another state, I attended a church service where public display of affection was affirmed and welcomed.  One couple actually embraced and kissed during the service and I thought it was so inappropriate.  I mean I know you two love each other, but do I have to look at it.  When I see it even now, I mutter,  “get a room” in serious jest.

But in a moment of clarity and focus, I remember.  Once I was engaged in a moment of ecstasy with my true love; we were in public but we were also alone.  I knew people were around but my eyes were filled with her.  At that moment I didn’t care who saw me or what they thought.  That was our special moment to share together.  You see, love has no rules of a sort.  Personal decency for society’s sake is appropriate I suppose, but I wanted to kiss her every time I saw her, wherever I saw her.  I suspect it is no different with same sex couples either and I suspect they care as less about what I think as I did when it happened to me.

No I don’t like it when I see public displays of intimacy regardless of who does it.  But guess what, because I have been in love, I’ve learned to get over it.  Societal norms not withstanding, It’s not my business nor my right to dictate others expression of their love.  I looked myself in the mirror and said get over it; you participated in love too, you know.


Published by Earl J. Griffin, Sr.

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. For over 40 years, my tract record as a proven leader has been exemplary both in the United States Army and as a Pastor in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Mentor, and Speaker, I use this expertise and experience to help leaders grow to their full potential. Coupled with my John Maxwell Certification is my Master of Science degree in Leadership Development, from Walden University. I am uniquely skilled at helping corporate leaders in the areas of human resources development programs, middle and executive leader development programs, and mentoring practices within the workplace. Both my professional time as an Organizational Development Specialist within the United States Army and my tenure as Senior Pastor within my church help me assist leaders in resolving the ethical dilemmas of leadership and developing the cultural skills necessary to lead in diverse multi-cultural organizations. Let's develop a sustainable relationship that benefits both your organization and that helps you achieve your personal leadership goals.

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