Jeez, get a room why don’t you



I don’t like watching couples show affection in public. Once while visiting another state, I attended a church service where public display of affection was affirmed and welcomed.  One couple actually embraced and kissed during the service and I thought it was so inappropriate.  I mean I know you two love each other, but do I have to look at it.  When I see it even now, I mutter,  “get a room” in serious jest.

But in a moment of clarity and focus, I remember.  Once I was engaged in a moment of ecstasy with my true love; we were in public but we were also alone.  I knew people were around but my eyes were filled with her.  At that moment I didn’t care who saw me or what they thought.  That was our special moment to share together.  You see, love has no rules of a sort.  Personal decency for society’s sake is appropriate I suppose, but I wanted to kiss her every time I saw her, wherever I saw her.  I suspect it is no different with same sex couples either and I suspect they care as less about what I think as I did when it happened to me.

No I don’t like it when I see public displays of intimacy regardless of who does it.  But guess what, because I have been in love, I’ve learned to get over it.  Societal norms not withstanding, It’s not my business nor my right to dictate others expression of their love.  I looked myself in the mirror and said get over it; you participated in love too, you know.


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