Why Kneeling Is Different When Praying!


Let us pray.  Some stood, others sat, and still others joined hands with the peson sitting next to them.  I looked throughout the congregation and to my surprise I saw someone stand, approach the front and kneel at the altar.  Stunned, I paused before beginning to pray.  I wanted so much to join that person at the altar but protocol suggested I stand behind the pulpit.

Since that moment, I wondered why it had startled me to see someone kneel in prayer.  In fact, I tried to remember the last time I knelt in prayer.  My custom is to drive along a stretch of highway and talk to God about the issues and concerns I have about life, family, church, and the world.  I spend about 2-3 hours just meditating and reflecting on a myriad of things, but kneeling, wow, it had been a minute.  Why kneeling? to me that was passe, some custom from ages past.  So I tried it once again.

As I knelt, I noticed my approach to prayer changed; it became more solemn, more serene.  An awareness that I was about to engage in a conversation not with my heavenly friend, rather a conversation with my Heavenly Father.  My words changed; I became more careful, concise, and contrite.  As I knelt I became more aware of God’s divinity and my humanity; we were not equals.  I was not talking to God man to man; I was talking to God as Son to Father.  My humanness compared to His Holiness came to the forefront and I began to ask God for forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy.  I did not ask for cars, houses, health, or land.  In fact I prayed for the conditions of the world and interjected prayers for myself sparingly.  Try it with me……

Let us kneel for a moment of prayer.

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