Why Kneeling Is Different When Praying!


Let us pray.  Some stood, others sat, and still others joined hands with the peson sitting next to them.  I looked throughout the congregation and to my surprise I saw someone stand, approach the front and kneel at the altar.  Stunned, I paused before beginning to pray.  I wanted so much to join that person at the altar but protocol suggested I stand behind the pulpit.

Since that moment, I wondered why it had startled me to see someone kneel in prayer.  In fact, I tried to remember the last time I knelt in prayer.  My custom is to drive along a stretch of highway and talk to God about the issues and concerns I have about life, family, church, and the world.  I spend about 2-3 hours just meditating and reflecting on a myriad of things, but kneeling, wow, it had been a minute.  Why kneeling? to me that was passe, some custom from ages past.  So I tried it once again.

As I knelt, I noticed my approach to prayer changed; it became more solemn, more serene.  An awareness that I was about to engage in a conversation not with my heavenly friend, rather a conversation with my Heavenly Father.  My words changed; I became more careful, concise, and contrite.  As I knelt I became more aware of God’s divinity and my humanity; we were not equals.  I was not talking to God man to man; I was talking to God as Son to Father.  My humanness compared to His Holiness came to the forefront and I began to ask God for forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy.  I did not ask for cars, houses, health, or land.  In fact I prayed for the conditions of the world and interjected prayers for myself sparingly.  Try it with me……

Let us kneel for a moment of prayer.

Published by Earl J. Griffin, Sr.

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. For over 40 years, my tract record as a proven leader has been exemplary both in the United States Army and as a Pastor in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Mentor, and Speaker, I use this expertise and experience to help leaders grow to their full potential. Coupled with my John Maxwell Certification is my Master of Science degree in Leadership Development, from Walden University. I am uniquely skilled at helping corporate leaders in the areas of human resources development programs, middle and executive leader development programs, and mentoring practices within the workplace. Both my professional time as an Organizational Development Specialist within the United States Army and my tenure as Senior Pastor within my church help me assist leaders in resolving the ethical dilemmas of leadership and developing the cultural skills necessary to lead in diverse multi-cultural organizations. Let's develop a sustainable relationship that benefits both your organization and that helps you achieve your personal leadership goals.

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