Several Reasons Sexual Passion Walks Out of Relationships!

This is well known but rarely spoken.

The LoveSnobs of The AccountableLove Podcast

1.) It Starts Becoming a Job:

The newness of the beginning is usually enough to jump-start a man, and moisten a woman. Hearts both pumping with anticipation of how it’s going to be; minds running from the excitement of connecting, and the chemistry seems to be perfected. Fast forward to the actual relationship; bills, children, and conflicting schedules….He wants a quickie, she wants romance, shit, she wants a quickie, but he is quicker. When they aren’t arguing, they’re fatigued;  when they aren’t fatigued, they’re in separate parts of the house. She enjoyed giving him head in the morning; now she is just scared he is going to get it somewhere else.  He took pride in pleasing her; now he wants a thank you if he makes her cum. It all became work, and nobody believes they are getting paid enough.

2.) They Start to Swallow Their Tongues: 

How can sex…

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