My Desire

Oh Lord, I stretch my heart toward you.  You are the destination I seek. You are my delight some land.  My breath depends on your love. My joy relies on your grace and mercy.  Hear my prayer today and answer my longings. Lord, there depths of sin too deep for my words to reach. ThereContinue reading “My Desire”


Joy and sadness, my constant elixir. Her presence never escapes my notice. When she smiles,  I am as a child. When we part, my heart sighs. I guess I’ll see you next lifetime, Erykah Badu sang. Yet that conviction wanes, every time I call her name. True love never just waits; True love also suffers.Continue reading “Found”

The Ocean and the Nat!

A quiet, soft wind gently nestled among the ocean waves a Nat came and alited on the wave The ocean did not acknowledge its presence the Nat pinched, cajoled, dived into it Still the ocean remained stoic, refusing to acknowledge its presence the Nat realized it just wasn’t that big a deal to the oceanContinue reading “The Ocean and the Nat!”

The Power of Hope

Hope is not a strategy” ~ John Maxwell But don’t you just love it anyway.  Hope is an outstretched neck poised with anticipation of what will happen.  You know something wonderful, something adventurous, something new is coming.  It is not frivolous; it’s based on a plan that you’ve implemented and you’re working diligently to see comeContinue reading “The Power of Hope”