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What do I do when I sense sorcery afoot


Do you sense something supernatural being used against you? Are you experiencing something surreal, something too real to be true? Have you ever sung “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right?” 

Anything that pleases you but displeases God is cause for concern. You may be engaged in spiritual warfare of the sorcery kind. You may have been bewitched (Galatians 3:1). 

Numbers 23 contains an excellent example of how God’s people, minding there own business, were targeted by Satan. But God intervened with a word. Hallelujah!

First, accept it as a real attack of the enemy. You are not dreaming or losing your mind. Throughout the Bible God’s people had to deal with witchcraft, sorcery, and divination (Acts 8 & 16). This tool of the enemy is used by enlisting both spiritual and secular people. It is a powerful tool because God’s people crave spiritual power. But Jesus cautioned against trusting in power. Jesus emphasized salvation as the surest source of victory (Luke 10:16-20).

Second, pray to God and communicate with all affected by this attack. When you sense someone is using sorcery against you, be still. Go to God’s Word, build your faith and pray. This is really a time for fasting and prayer. Also tell those mature enough in the Spirit to join you in prayer. If this attack is targeted toward destruction of your intimate relationships or ministry, talk to those involved about your intuition. Let them know that you are waiting on a word from the Lord. When you’re incapable of discernment about the next steps, sing order my steps Lord. 

Third, remain steadfast. In other words, keep doing right because it’s right. Do not work in concert with your emotions, especially those emotions that are contrary to God’s Word. Keep doing and being the person you were before you perceived you were under attack. When things seem too good to be true, they probably are. Stay true to what you know is God’s will and make no excuses not to do it. If you’re hurting someone whose done you no wrong and for no reason, believe me when I tell you the devil is out to destroy you.

Finally, let God’s Word lead you through the storm until God’s love delivers you. As Jekalyn Carr sings “Greater is Coming!” God is greater than any spiritual curse the devil can try to use against you. Faithfulness, persistence will be the key to your breakthrough. Our God is awesome, remember that.

The Power of Your Character

Miss Ceely points her finger at Mister and declares, “Until you do right by me everything you touch gonna fail. ” She cursed him with her words or did she?
Bricks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me.” This sounds true but has been found to be flawed.

Proverbs 18:21 reads, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” I am intrigued by the phrase “in the power of the tongue.” I would add “in the power of the tongue of the person speaking.”

The question how does one develop ‘power in one’s tongue’ leaps from this passage. The answers include such things as power, position, and influence relative to the status of the one to whom the words are spoken.

However, let’s think deeper. Was it Miss Ceely’s words or even the way she demonstrably said them that influenced Mister to fail? Did her words produce death to his livelihood? I think not.

The one thing that gave Miss Ceely’s words power was her character. It was the strength of her life, her integrity that gave power to her words. When you develop character you gain influence in relationship to others and your words matter. This is true in all adult relationships where the probability of abuse is eradicated.

If one has no character, her words either fall on deaf ears or are easily overcome by effort. You determine whose word influences you; don’t give that power away easily. Evaluate the person’s character and ask yourself if he has a right to speak into your life. If that person does not have character then speak back and reclaim your power. If she is a person of character, then analyze the critique so you can grow.

Mister, by his unwillingness to do the right thing by Miss Ceely caused his own decline. His conscience held back his blessing until he did the right thing. In other words his character grew and he regained his power.

My friends remember, “No weapons formed against you shall prosper and every mouth (word) that rises in condemnation shall be stopped (refuted); for this is your heritage (birthright) in the Lord.” The key is your character; invest in your character and your words will have power (influence).