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Come apart and Rest

Psalm 131:1-3

We spend precious time trying to protect ourselves from being wronged by others. We devise plans and take pains to execute our plans to the last detail.  Yet we are still wronged.

We engage in mind-boggling conspiracy theories of which we are useless to defend. The machinations of this world are intertwined and often directed towards our demise. Many of the best and brightest of us are incarcerated unjustly.  We fight, march, and struggle for justice countless hours, months, and years. We become overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, and melancholy. The fight of life steals from us the joy of life. Some fight to live others live to fight.

But who rests?  The psalmist does. The psalmist realizes that struggle is worthwhile yet endless. There is a need for intermission.  She rests!  And while resting replenishes herself with the knowledge that God handles things that seem impossible, things beyond our control or our ability to influence.   She rests as she did upon entering this expansive universe, trusting a mother she had just met, a father she knew little about, a world she had only briefly encountered. 

Like the time spent suckling an unknown mother’s breast, she rests trusting her God of whom she knows little. She curls up quietly and wraps herself in God’s Word. She ceases her struggle and receives restoration, renewal, and strength.  She rests in childlike Faith in the assurance that her God will hold the reigns of her life.  She rests!

Find some time to rest!